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                                     Kenneth Borst


 An ex-CIA operative that secludes himself in the Blue Ridge Mountains writing and photographing natures changes stumbles on a skeleton and an attaché case filled with secret documents. As he is looking through the information he has found and he finds references to 9/11/2001, including some top-secret documents from the Pentagon.  He makes up his mind that he is going to find out who the skeleton is. This leads him on a global search to the war torn countries of Pakistan and Iraq. He survives a firefight in the Pakistan mountains and a suicide bomber in Iraq ending up in a German military hospital. He finally returns home to find out that all the answers lay within the borders of the US and is confronted by the mastermind of a terrorist group that is imbedded within the pentagon itself.  He also finds that the one he can trust is the friend he made many years ago.

Raji Of The Blue Ridge Mountains.

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This book is suitable for ages 14 and over. There is some graphic passages.

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